Screen, video walls and led walls

Roostar can supply a wide variety of screen sizes, from small to large ones. Our solutions are always customized to meet the customer needs, both for event and trade fair setups: video walls, led walls, curved screens, mega screens, whatever your needs are we are ready to satisfy them with the best options in the market.

Transparent led screen

Led screen is a special technological solution featuring total permeability which makes the transparent Led suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Since it gives the opportunity to physically enter the space to visitors, it is particularly suitable for setting up events and fairs. Its structure is particularly lightweight and easy to assemble, making it possible to create settings of different shapes and sizes.


The led floors are made of highly resistant material. Their load capacity is over 2000 Kg/m2 and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The special feature of this technological solution is its ability to spark interaction with the user. Thanks to advanced technology, it is possible to establish interaction between the visitors and the floor as well, helping to reach the maximum level of user engagement.


Thanks to Roostar’s rich experience in trade fair and event stands design and construction, we can customize screen mounts of any kind: boxed walls of different shapes and sizes covered with graphics, design frames with original and trendy materials or any other format that meets our customer needs.

Roostar studies the best technological solution to provide an amazing and engaging output for thr visitors. This starts from a maximum definition images with HD screens.

Led Tiles
WOW effect