We believe that the atmosphere evoked by a booth setup is essential to convey the identity of a company. The study, design and production of stands derive from such awareness. This is where the architecture and the enhancement of exhibition represent a clear and attractive image of our customer and their product. We aim to inspire the visitors by fascination and stimuli, which gives great prominence to design styles. We are constantly looking for new materials and innovative technologies  to keep up to date with the international market trends. We believe that the architectural and functional aspects should always be closely linked to the aesthetic one, so as to convey a feeling of welcomeness and astonishment at the same time. We at Roostar take care of all types of set-ups, from setting up for events , trade fairs, exhibitions as well as shops and their windows.

When it comes to the preparation of exhibit area, we pay maximum attention to every aspect. This is why we also offer the assembly and construction supervision service.


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