The project of this ‘black board’ apartment was particularly delicate because the vacation home was rather rundown due to a long-time lack of use. The challenge was to completely revise the spaces, creating a sleeping area with two bedrooms and an open living area with a second bathroom as well as a closet. Roostar presented different solutions to the client, to find the best solution that would best meet the needs of the client.

Turnkey project

Roostar took care of all aspects of the renovation: from project design to municipal and cadastral practices, demolition and reconstruction of all masonry and plant engineering, as well as the construction of the heating system from scratch together with the supply and installation of all materials. For the client, it was important to rely on a company that could provide a turnkey service, and we offered such a solution. The project was delivered on time and the client never had to go on-site to check up on the works: the client was continuously updated through photo reports to check the progress of work, no hassle!

Living area

In vacation homes, the living area is always the most exploited space in the house. The project has completely revolutionized the previous setting where the kitchen was separated from the living room. The project recreated a minimalist open space, designed with a false ceiling that begins at the entrance and continues all the way to the sleeping area. A large window helped to make this area particularly bright, adorning it with a powerful aesthetic impact.

Complete and turnkey project

The project included the complete renovation of the apartment, from flooring to fixtures as well as the construction of a new heating and air conditioning system.
Those who rely on Roostar for the renovation of their apartment know that they no longer must deal with anything. We provide a turnkey service including municipal and cadastral practices and requests for permits such as the occupation of public land and condominiums. We collaborate with construction companies that have years of experience in the field, and we also provide interior design projects with furniture recommendations with the possibility of building and assembling them.

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