Trendy locations

In one of the historic locations of trendy Milan, the Pelota in via Palermo, the Turisanda event took place.
This large environment gave us the opportunity to range with a dynamic set-up and modular materials that could be moved quickly in an evening event that required several changes of scene to create new environments and scenographic areas.

Theatrical event…

Different situations characterized the evening, underlined by the theatricality of the changes of scenery and atmosphere during the event: a welcome aperitif opened the evening followed by a fashion show with the presentation of paper clothes with a “travel” theme that anticipated the highlight of the fun with music and cocktails. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the team took care of the editing and dismantling to make the scene changes that were needed to create new visual and scenic effects.

On-the-go set-up

Guests were greeted on bright white wave chairs and a large projection screen. The area was enclosed on one side by a maxi curtain that opened at the end of the presentation and the participants were presented with a new area with music and aperitifs. During the aperitif, the curtain closed again, allowing us a new change of scene: at the reopening, the new relaxation area with two-tone islands (red and blue as the brand’s reference colors) was revealed to continue the evening on the comfortable lounges.

Design and implementation of a tailor-made set-up

Set-ups, materials and teams moving simultaneously can create multiple situations even in the same event

American pylons
Tripoline curtain threads