When renovating an apartment, a particular importance should always be given to details. In this case the specific needs of our client were very precise and mainly design oriented.  The use of radiators with original shapes, the creation of resin coatings floors in the flat and building a turkish bath inside the shower made the project a real success.


What makes a renovation project a true success is complex and can be attributed to several factors. Its crucial to ensure a high standard of quality and design elements, while providing an efficient space planning that allows you to live with maximum comfort.

Small attention for great happiness

Our team is consatly looking for the satisfaction of our customers specific needs, even when it comes to a two-year-old child. In fact in  this case, particular attention was given to his bedroom, designing in his own image. The room was created  with a soft floor that covered the entire surface and bright colors on the walls that recalled green mountains and blue sky,comprising a large space dedicated to play

Turnkey projects

Those who rely on Roostar for the renovation of their apartment know that they will not need to worry about anything. We provide a turnkey service including municipal and cadastral practices, requests for different permits such as occupation of public and condominium land. We work with construction companies that have years of experience in this sector. We also provide interior design projects with furnishings proposals which includes their construction and assembly as well.

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