Creating appealing and eye-catching shop windows is our mission. we have always managed to accomplish this with Ppassionata brand. towards this goal we have used attractive colors and images that spark passerby’s interests.


The material that we use to set up for appassionata’s shop windows are carefully chosen to follow a few simple rules: attract attention and be easy to transport and assemble. this enables us to optimize shop windows creation time.


Roostar team designs the layout of shop windows based on an image of the product and a refrence to the mood. Sometimes this can mean a seasonal shop window matching the setting of the summer or autumn, other times the communication of a promotion or presentation of a new set of products can be the case.

Let’s Play!

Passionata shop windows are always characterized by a strong attention to colorfulness and playfulness. Over the years we have used the most diverse elements to reach this goal. They include brushes, colors, dice, playng cards, candies and other attractive items.

vetrina estate

There are many features that typify our shop windows. However, since we strongly believe that the brand should always be immediately recognized by the passer-by, we always put particular emphasis on it. We also pay particular attention to the use of large images that show the product. Using clear and precise window stickers to make our customer’s message immediately understandable, is yet another winning strategy of ours.

Project implemented
Km covered

Our team takes care of all stages of shop window creation. From the space survey, design, production of materials and prints, contacting the points of sale, to setting up and dismantling. We can also provide a photo report of the project.