A walk through history

To celebrate the first 50 years of Santa Sofia, a fine winery of Valpolicella, we were asked to create an engaging and impactful event.

We have thus designed a path through real rows of vines that accompany guests retracing the past decades with evocative photos of the brand and blow-ups of images representing Italian events characterizing each decade: such as the victory of the World Cup in 1982, the printing of the last Italian Lira banknote in 2000 and Samantha Cristoforetti,  first Italian woman in space in 2014.

Sumptuous set-up

The event, addressed to the press, then took place with a sumptuous dinner on the imperial table.

Roostar decided to embellish and further characterize this important anniversary with a magical setting by creating a spectacular cascading chandelier that descended from the high vaults of the location to lap the guests, decorated with hundreds of significant and symbolic polaroid photos of the history of the winery.

Artistic and cultural location

Crossing the entrance of the location you enter a place with a unique atmosphere, which retains the charm of an ancient past, far from the noise and chaos of city traffic.”Today these ancient buildings house a museum dedicated to the history of foundry art and the activity of the Barigozzi family who, having succeeded the Manfredini, dedicated themselves for over a century to the production of bronze bells and monuments”.This place continues to be a crossroads of work, art and culture, where exhibitions, concerts and events can be held.

Prestigious oasis

In the heart of Milan… in the Isola district an oasis of peace lives crossing the entrance of the location: the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia. In this location chosen specifically for the event…” wine elevates the soul and thoughts, and anxieties depart from the heart of man”…

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Vine Rows
Historical Photos
Goblets of Wine