Pink tints

On the occasion of the world day for the fight against breast cancer, the windows of Bronzallure are tinged with pink, unifying the fundamental theme of the brand, the 18k rose gold plating, with the pink ribbon, symbol of the battle to find treatments against breast cancer.

Women’s set-up

For both Bronzallure and Etrusca Gioielli, we created an external sticker with a “window” to create a focus on the internal set up on which the jewels were displayed. Behind we placed the visual that represented the range of products as the background of the showcase.


For our client Milor and the associated brands, Bronzallure and Etrusca Gioielli, the Brian & Barry showcase in Piazza San Babila in Milan, becomes a point of visibility for the brands and the important event they promote, also an opportunity to present the new collections.

Fundamental rose

Milan is tinged with pink with Bronzallure and Etrusca Gioielli highlighting the solidarity in the commitment to fundamental health battles such as the fight to defeat breast cancer

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