The project

The Chantal Thomass corner was created by paying particular attention to details and to the expression of femininity. However, this was done with a little flair of transgression, just like the French artist Chantal Thomass who bears the same name.

Changes and Moving

In the periodic upgrade of La Rinascente space organization, the project changed over the years. Roostar team took care of all the necessary services for such a purpose. We handled a wide range of tasks, from the planning of a new project, to deciding which furniture needed to be moved and which to be stored in our warehouse. We also took care of the necessary changes required to readjust some items that would otherwise have been left disused.

Le Chariot

A beautiful cart was designed and built to represent a unique and original item in the mall. Visible from every point of the Rinascente’s floor, the cart stored and display socks that are one of the typical garments of the brand.

Details make the difference

Pantographed matelassé satin lacquered walls, wall lace made with a particular technique reminiscent of tattoos, carved mirrors to form the most classic fairytale style, plexiglass silhouette and wooden torchon, are some of the distinctive features of this shop.

Lingerie exposed
Light points