The event was organized to celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the most prestigious labels in our territory: Luce. An event that was a celebration of this wine and the history it represents. San Carpoforo, a deconsecrated church located in the center of Milan, was the evocative location that housed this event.

Staging the event

Preparation and set up for this manifested several critical points. Especially due to the building’s partial rundown state, it was necessary to hide the flaws and enhance artistic features. We covered the building’s walls in black fabric so that the view of the visitors was captured by the vaults above their heads.

All-encompassing Service

Roostar took care of all aspects of preparation and set up for this event, from audio production to video and lighting directing to the production and assembly of structural parts and furniture, from the request for the occupation of public land to the rental of heating service to the rental of toilets, including the selection and provision of all useful elements for their use and embellishment such as plants, perfumes, etc.

Light for Luce

The entire surface of the location was covered by a light bridge with multiple motorized and color-changing lights so as to cover the entire vault of the ceiling with a beam of light. The latter served to emphasize the particular artistic beauty.

The stalls were designed and created with red plexiglass chairs allowing the light to go through them. A large stage with a red velvet curtain served to catch the guest’s attention immediately, after its opening a part of the venue set up was disclosed for a magnificent dinner served by a starred chef.

Struss structures
Cavi elettrci

The organization of a successful event must guarantee a perfect synchronization of all elements all the way from the design phase to the implementation and logistics.